Cangzhou Hualing Electrical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978 with the spirit of inspiration industry and pioneering spirit. The 40-year arduous process has shaped today's Hualing Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. adhering to the concept of "perseverance and innovation", continuously deepening optimization in power and electrified railways, and jointly promoting China's composite industry with industry elites. Insulator industry development. While establishing brand influence in the domestic industry, Cangzhou Hualing Electrical Appliances are exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world, jointly opened with foreign electrified railway research institutes, leading the development of composite insulator technology.


Forty years of diligence, perseverance and innovation. A total of 8.3 million composite insulators are connected to the network, and the length of the line exceeds 80 million meters. It has also created zero quality problems and zero operation accidents. It guarantees people's travel safety and guards thousands of lights. In the spirit of craftsmen, we will continue to promote the construction of electric and electrified railways, and apply the world's advanced composite insulator technology and experience to domestic power and railway construction. More than 20 proposals for the State Grid, Lanzhou Railway and Beijing Railway have been put into effect.


Following the development of the times and taking on the future of science and technology, Hualing people will continuously upgrade their industrial level, actively contribute to the development of the country, and work with their domestic counterparts to create the brilliance of China's electric power and electrified railway.