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What are the characteristics of organic composite pin insulators?

 Epoxy glass fiber composite insulator tie rod and hardware connection adopt international advanced technology, international advanced pressure welding technology, high pressure strength, good appearance, uniform pressure distribution in the area, and equipped with automatic flaw detection system, sound waves can be accurate Determine if the inner core rod is broken. Guarantee product quality.


1 greatly reduces the workload of daily maintenance: anti-aging, strong weather resistance, corrosion resistance and electrical high-temperature vulcanization molding, and finally adopts the unique technology of labyrinth seal structure, so that its sealing is good, and the core rod is protected from moisture; Aging, high performance, low temperature performance, ensuring long-term reliability.

    The mechanical properties of high composite insulators are highly resistant to impact and impact. Good house brittleness and creep resistance, not easy to break, high mechanical strength, anti-torsion, strong tensile and flexural strength 2 times higher than ordinary steel, 8-10 times, high strength ceramic material, can withstand Internal pressure. Explosion-proof power supply, effectively improve the reliability of safe operation.

    High anti-fouling performance, no need to clean, excellent water-repellent and hydrophobic silicone rubber shed, high anti-fouling performance (ceramic and glass insulator with 1.7 times anti-staining flash), strong electric erosion resistance (anti-tracking tma4 shed Material. Level 5). No need to clean, no need to measure zero, it can run safely in the polluted area, greatly reducing daily maintenance work. High mechanical properties - high tensile strength and flexural strength, impact resistance, impact resistance and brittleness, ensuring operational reliability, is an ideal new energy-saving insulator.

    The utility model has the advantages of light structure, convenient transportation and installation, simple structure, light weight and convenient installation. The top and bottom mounting dimensions are the same as the corresponding ceramic posts and are interchangeable.