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The Significance of Implementing Supermarket Purchasing Management of Electric Power Enterprises


The Significance of Implementing Supermarket Purchasing Management of Electric Power Enterprises

Xu Liping

State Grid Ningxia Electric Power Company Wuzhong Power Supply Company Ningxia Wu Zhong 751100

Abstract: As an important part of the production and operation of power companies, material procurement and supply plays an important role in production and operation. The traditional material management mode of power companies adopts the method of decentralized procurement, resulting in repeated procurement, complicated supply links, difficult quality control of materials, and inventory reserves. Too many, and lack of specialization, centralized management and many other drawbacks, resulting in high capital costs, is not conducive to giving full play to the overall resource advantages of enterprises; with the continuous deepening of power enterprise reform in recent years, its original material supply management model can not Adapting to the requirements of material management under the new form, the material supply company, as the material procurement and supply department of the electric power enterprise, mainly undertakes the professional management and supply service of materials, which requires the concept innovation and management innovation of the material supply, combined with the characteristics of the power enterprise. Fully implement centralized procurement and distribution of materials, integrate and optimize the logistics resource network, and strengthen supplier management to provide timely, appropriate, appropriate, and affordable materials for production and operation, reduce inventory capital occupation, and improve corporate economy. benefit.

Keywords: electricity, implementation, materials, supermarket management

1. The concept of material supermarket management

1.1 The concept of supermarket management is first of all in the field of commercial sales, and then gradually promoted to the management of enterprise material procurement and supply, which is an effective way for enterprises to achieve zero capital occupation;

1.2 The concept of super-industry management of electric power enterprises is to construct a supermarket management mode of goods from the implementation of centralized bidding and procurement, improve the performance appraisal mechanism of suppliers, and establish e-commerce platform, which is mainly applicable to office supermarkets and production operation and maintenance supermarkets. Purchasing.

2. Construction of supervised management mode of power enterprise materials

2.1 Promote centralized bidding and procurement, strengthen material supply management, and reduce supply logistics costs

By optimizing and integrating enterprise logistics resources, we will promote material bidding and procurement, establish a new material supply management system of “centralized procurement, direct distribution, unified reserve, and centralized settlement”, realize intensive and refined management of the whole process of material supply, and improve enterprise logistics. Operational efficiency, reducing logistics costs, and providing basic guarantee for the implementation of material supermarket management.

2.2 Strengthen supplier management and improve supplier review and performance appraisal mechanism

2.2.1 Supermarket management of power enterprises includes office supplies and production and maintenance materials. The most important features of such materials are variety, wide application range, extremely unstable demand, lack of regularity, and the need to purchase at any time. It is necessary to follow the principle of first producers, re-agents and post-distributors, adopting public bidding to optimize suppliers, strengthen material procurement supervision, and strictly conduct supplier qualification review. Suppliers qualified for qualification examination can participate in bidding for supermarket materials. purchase.

2.2.2 The enterprise shall conduct dynamic management of suppliers, establish supplier files, and regularly conduct comprehensive evaluations on suppliers' quality, supply schedule, price integrity and after-sales service, and select qualified suppliers according to the evaluation results. For poor suppliers, qualified suppliers may prefer to bid in the next agreement period, and the bad suppliers shall terminate the supply agreement in time.

2.3 Build material procurement and supply information and e-commerce platform to improve the management level of material supermarkets

The power enterprise relies on the enterprise resource management system platform to construct the material procurement supplier management information system and e-commerce system, realize the information exchange and sharing of the supply chain, realize the digitization, standardization and efficient operation of the material supermarket through the ERP system, and improve the material supermarket management. Level.

3. Implementation of the business process of the power enterprise's supermarkets and supermarkets

3.1 Supermarket operation is to manage the whole process of the office supplies and production and maintenance materials required by the power enterprise. The use unit prepares the demand plan. On the basis of extensively increasing the opinions of the specific use units, the headquarters calls the suppliers to bid through the bidding. In the way of bidding, choose a supplier with good reputation, quality assurance, reasonable price and certain strength as the basic purchase channel of the material supermarket, and sign a corresponding agreement with it to determine a stable supply relationship.

3.2 The use department enters the supermarket procurement platform to purchase the required materials in the national grid e-commerce system according to the bidding result. After the deposit is submitted, the purchase application number is generated and synchronized to the ERP. After the leader approves, the purchase order is generated in the ERP. The system will share the required material details with the supplier's information, and the supplier will deliver the required materials to the designated place according to the agreement after receiving the purchase notice.

3.3 After the goods are inspected and accepted, the material management department shall promptly notify the supplier to issue an invoice, collect and deliver the goods in the ERP, and send the invoices and invoices together with the invoices to the financial invoice verification. After the error, the financial management and control In accordance with the requirements of the agreement to pay the purchase price, the financial management department must do a good job in financial settlement, and timely financial treatment to ensure the stability of supermarket chemical suppliers.

4. Significance of supermarket management of power enterprise materials

4.1 Implementation of material supermarket management can make full use of social inventory, reduce inventory reserves and improve economic efficiency.

4.1.1 The basic concept of power enterprise goods supermarket management is zero inventory, which avoids a series of problems such as storage, loading and unloading, handling fees and inventory aging and deterioration of inventory and liquidity caused by inventory storage.

4.1.2 Through the implementation of the new mode of material management of “distribution supply and supermarket operation”, the phenomenon of layer-level storage and over-storage is effectively avoided, and the enterprise storage resources are optimized and integrated. For the enterprise, the materials in the warehouse are in the state of consignment, and the actual consumption is only paid, which minimizes the occupation of working capital, reduces the production and operation costs, and improves the economic benefits.

4.2 By establishing long-term and stable partnerships with suppliers, we can reduce procurement costs and ensure high quality and good price supply of materials.

Power companies have established long-term and stable supply and demand partnerships with suppliers entering the material supermarkets, enabling suppliers to obtain a relatively stable sales market, and the cost of sales is greatly reduced. At the same time, enterprises can share the price reduction caused by products with suppliers. Benefits, can also obtain value-added services provided by suppliers, reduce the cost of material procurement, ensure the quality of material procurement, and can obtain price advantages, and achieve mutual benefit and common development between enterprises and suppliers.

5. Suggestions for the management of supermarket materials procurement in power enterprises

5.1 Absolute zero inventory of power companies is only an ideal state of material management in business operations. It is difficult to achieve in actual work. In the management of materials and supermarkets, it is necessary to realize that zero inventory is not without inventory. Considering the characteristics of power companies, emergency supplies are Indispensable, so in the supermarket management of materials can not blindly affect the safety of power companies in order to achieve zero inventory, thus losing the significance of material supermarket procurement management.

5.2 Continuously sum up the experience in the process of supermarket supplies procurement of office supplies and operation and maintenance materials, improve system application, ensure the supply of materials, continuously improve the efficiency and efficiency of centralized procurement, and fully complete the strategic deployment of State Grid Corporation's supermarket procurement.

5.3 When implementing the management of goods supermarkets, we must consider the interests of suppliers while considering their own interests. Power companies and suppliers are mutually beneficial and mutually beneficial. Enterprises cannot blindly compress the interests of suppliers, but should Make full use of the management advantages, scale advantages and information advantages of power companies to realize timely exchange of information with suppliers, so that suppliers and enterprises can develop together.

6, the conclusion

In short, the power enterprise material supermarket is an integrated and integrated logistics management model, with the core of fund management as the core, to achieve the goal of reducing costs and full-service, to maximize the overall efficiency of the supply chain; the power enterprise material management department should sort out the market awareness , competition awareness and business sense, actively promote the use of modern logistics and information technology, to achieve zero inventory, zero capital operation as a business goal, establish a modern logistics operation system centered on users, reduce costs and high efficiency, improve the core of power companies Competitive advantages.

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